Sprinkler Systems

Response Fire Systems offers superior service quality and experience for custom fire suppression for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Our Certified Red Seal Sprinkler Fitters will assess your needs and provide you with the options that are best suited for your building.

Novec Systems

Novec Systems are suitable for highly sensitive areas such as Data Bases, Museums and Industrial Applications.  The fast evaporation rate of Novec Fluid ensures that your equipment – and your personnel – are protected from fire and chemical damage.

Dry Chemical Systems

Used mainly in Automotive or Chemical environments, Dry Chemical Systems can keep potentially hazardous situations under control.  Whether you are working with chemicals in an industrial environment, or storing paints or other flammable materials in a commercial setting, these systems can be a valuable addition to your fire suppression plan.

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Nitrogen Based Mist Systems

Nitrogen Based Mist Systems combine water and nitrogen to reduce oxygen levels in the room and extinguish fires quickly and efficiently. Applications typically include petroleum storage areas and electrical rooms.

Wet Pipe Systems

The wet pipe system is the most commonly used design.    It is an effective fire prevention system with heat-activated sprinklers that are connected to water pipes to quickly extinguish flames in a localized area or several areas at once.

Dry Pipe Systems

Dry Pipe Systems are recommended for spaces that may freeze, which could cause wet pipe systems to burst.  These are common in unheated spaces such as storage units, parking garages, sawmills, interior conveyors and attics.

Preaction Systems

Preaction systems are designed to protect your assets while also providing high quality fire suppression.  These intuitive and fast acting systems are recommended for libraries, museums, I.T. & computer rooms.